A Look At Systems In American Flyer Trains

American Flyer trains

Ted Maurer engineers a multi-toy train sale Items from a veteran collector will be offered at four auctions – philly-archives

The heart of the Marron collection will be sold without limit or reserve at four public auctions April 18 and 19, Maurer’s annual Easter weekend toy and train sale. Much of Ted Maurer’s success as a train auctioneer comes from the extensive planning efforts he and his staff devote to designing a sale. “Train collecting has remained strong because it has a lot of heads on it,” Maurer said. “Some collectors only want pre-World War II Lionel or American Flyer trains in Standard or O gauge. Others want only Ives trains. In case we all go any further about the subject matter involving the model trains, look a little more closely at this, try electric train.Others collect postwar examples. “We try to particularize our auctions, even to the point of accommodating those who only collect vintage catalogs or couplers or wheels.” The standard gauge collection – including Lionel, American Flyer, and Ives trains – will be offered beginning at 10 a.m. April 18 in the Pavilion. At the same time, in the Blue Room, vintage toys – including early Tootsie toys, cast iron and lead soldiers, iron floor trains and pressed steel toys – will be sold. At 10 a.m. April 19, the Pavilion will host the sale of a considerable prewar O-gauge Lionel collection, along with an exceptional collection of 150 lots of Lionel paper, including catalogs.

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New Information On Identifying Root Aspects In American Flyer trains


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